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The Forgotten Sirloin Cut: Watch Greg Mrvich Make Santa Maria Style Meat Skewers Courtesy the California Beef Council

Mar 23, 2022 |

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In the mid-1800s, ranchers in central California’s Santa Maria Valley began barbecuing meat on skewers over red oak wood. Top-block sirloin, and later tri tip, became staples of what is known as Santa Maria Style Barbeque. But one cut of beef, less known and more budget friendly, gets the spotlight today. With a sirloin cap roast provided by the California Beef Council by way of EATYALL’s Chef Care Package program, renown YouTube barbeque cook Greg Mrvich fires up his Santa Maria grill to prepare a longtime California favorite.

Taking A Barbe-Cue From Local Beef Producers

Partnering with EATYALL, the California Beef Council sent Chef Care Packages to prominent cooks in California - connecting them with local beef farmers to provide fresher, better-quality ingredients. One care package made its way to longtime EATYALL friend Greg Mrvich, barbeque cook, author, and YouTube host. Watch what he makes by applying age-old Santa Maria grilling techniques to the sirloin cap provided:


00:00 Intro
00:25 How to light a Santa Maria Grill
01:13 Prepping the Sirloin Cap Roast
01:53 EATYALL/CBC Campaign
02:37 Cutting the steaks
03:16 Seasoning the steaks
03:46 How to skewer the steaks
05:30 Grilling the steaks
06:04 Santa Maria grill cooking tips
07:13 Steaks are finished grilling
07:38 Slicing and tasting the steaks
08:35 Sirloin cap quality

Sirloin Cap: A New Favorite Cut?

Tender, juicy, wallet-friendly: sirloin cap roast, also known as Picanha or Coulotte Steak, is a fantastic alternative to the more expensive cuts with which you may be more familiar. It’s lean and fast-cooking, and suits a sandwich just as well as the sirloin skewers Greg prepared. Ask your meat source for sirloin cap roast today.

A Slab of Beef With A Side Of History

Perfected between the mid-1800s and the 1950s, Santa Maria Style Barbeque is a cut of beef - often tri tip - seasoned in a dry rub of salt, pepper, and garlic with sides including salsa, pinquito beans, salad, or bread. The secret ingredient? Cooking the meat over red oak logs or chips, which gives the barbeque its distinctly smoky, full flavor.  

Thanks to the California Beef Council, along with Greg Mrvich and other top cooks, the Chef Care Package program has succeeded in creating relationships and collaborations between California’s food professionals during the pandemic. For more sustainable food success stories (and the tasty recipes borne from them), stay with EATYALL!

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