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[EATYALL Podcast #004] The Boucherie at White Oak Plantation in New Orleans, Preserves Louisiana Culinary Traditions

May 24, 2018 |

During today’s episode, host Andy Chapman explores Louisiana’s hog harvest and the deep-rooted tradition of a community preparing the pork for winter. The Boucherie event at White Oak Plantation celebrates a sacred event where 300 years of culinary history will be served up in a single day. In this special episode, you’ll be guided thru this event and experience the sounds of the day while hearing the participating farmers and chefs describe their specialties, processes, and respect for the animal that gave up his life to feed the community.

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After the Butcher’s prayer, Brian Kazar shares his thoughts on how the annual event supports the local community and about the local farmers who raise the hogs with love and care and harvest them in a respectful manner.

Butcher’s Prayer

Master of Ceremonies, Tank Jackson of Holy City Hogs describes his hog farming operation which includes heritage breeds and heritage hybrids including the two rarest pigs in the world, the American Mulefoot and the Ossabaw Island hog.

Master of Ceremonies, Tank Jackson

Thibodaux, Louisiana native, Chef Jean-Paul Bourgeois was part of the coordination team that put together this year’s Boucherie. He is using the blood of the animal to create a smooth, blood sausage.

Just outside of the Boucherie in the horseshoe of preservation stations:

Acre Restaurant Chef Jeff Compton and Bow & Arrow Chef Caleb Fischer from Auburn, Alabama are preparing and drying Moose and Ryeberry Salami, Fenociona, Salami Picante, and a Texas Hot Link sausage. The Chefs will have to wait to taste it as some salami will hang for two years for curing.
Jim Griffith from the Johnson & Wales Culinary Institute describes his technique and the importance of making head cheese.

At the sausage table, Matt Moreland of Wayne Jacobs Smokehouse and Restaurant in LaPlace, Louisiana shares the important local history, seasoning, and smoking of Andouille sausage.

Chef John Folse

Culinary Legend Chef John Folse wraps up this episode with the mission of the Boucherie and his goal of preserving the traditions and rich history of Louisiana.

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