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Seven Southern Supper Hacks

Sep 27, 2017 |

How do you rate when it comes to getting supper on the table? Skip the recipes and serve more joy with simplicity with these Southern supper ideas.

7 Southern Supper Hacks - EatYall.com

It rolls off the tongue… Southern. Supper.

But, dear Southerner, how do you really rate when it comes to getting supper on the table, much less using it as an opportunity to invest in those you love?

The world seems like it’s moving faster these days, and technology seems to help our work follow us home, making it more and more difficult to find time to connect with those we hold most dear.

Y’all know we love suppertime. Eat Y’all was born in a series of suppers we called Chef’s Tables back in 2012, and we look forward to sharing a series of destination supper experiences with you in person at upcoming gatherings of The Supper Society in 2018.

While we hope those occasions where we get to gather together will inspire and refuel you, we’ve got a short list of easy supper hacks up our sleeves to help you get supper on the table today – with Southern grace and time to spare.

Skip the recipes, and serve more joy with simplicity this supper season.

1. Stock grits and grains. They make any meal special – and are filling for the body and soul – especially when the grains have a story. Our favorites for flavor and storytelling are the fragrant varieties of rice from Two Brooks Farm and stone ground corn grits from Delta Grind. Try Two Brooks Farm’s Missimati (Basmati) or Jasmoon (Jasmine) varieties for rich, flavorful dishes. And don’t forget the Delta Grind corn meal for some of the best flavored cornbread you’ll ever experience.

7 Southern Supper Hacks Delta Grind Grits - EatYall.com

2. Shop farmer stands for fresh fruits and vegetables. Slice an heirloom tomato and drizzle with balsamic vinegar or make a fresh cucumber salad with nothing more than onions, cucumbers, salt & pepper. Slice some apples and serve with cinnamon peanut butter or offer fresh berries atop yogurt. Supper doesn’t have to be fussy to be welcoming and memorable!

7 Southern Supper Hacks Farmer's Markets - EatYall.com

3. Serve it with chow chow. Chow chow is truly about a Southern as you can get: a mix of the season’s leftover bounty, cooked down with spices, pickled and preserved. Not a canning enthusiast? Don’t worry, the good folks at Blackberry Farm have jarred the perfect relish that’s as close to my grandmother’s as anything I’ve ever tasted. Blackberry Farm Tennessee Chow Chow is a must-have for peas and cornbread night. Which, by the way, is a thing.

7 Southern Supper Hacks Blackberry Farms Chow Chow - EatYall.com

4. Be quick with bread. (And jams, jellies, chutneys & preserves). Your Southerness can’t be taken seriously if you don’t have a few favorite jams and jellies to offer on a biscuit or cracker. For those surprise guests and spontaneous family dinners, keep a stash of your favorites on hand. And in a pinch, grab an unopened favorite for the perfect hostess gift!

7 Southern Supper Hacks Jam - EatYall.com

5. Honey for dessert. Get it as local as you can for everyday use, but try some infused and flavored options like True Bee Honey’s Bourbon Barrel Aged honey or Savannah Bee Company’s lavender honey to drizzle over seasonal fresh fruit for the easiest of desserts.

7 Southern Supper Hacks Lavendar Honey Savannah Bee Company - EatYall.com


6. Have a signature sauce. We love our sauces and dips here in the South. Add your own signature pizzazz to any meal – from sandwiches to crudité to take-out fried chicken to leftovers and pizza. Our pick is the mustard, vinegar and honey based Sugar Taylor Sauce available in the Eat Y’all store. While admittedly a hero as a baste for poultry, seafood and pork, it’s a simple supper hero drizzled on baked potatoes or mixed into baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs and so much more.

7 Southern Supper Hacks Sugar Taylor Sauce - EatYall.com

7. Embrace home delivery. No matter what corner of the South you’re hiding in, home delivery is here and opens up a world of culinary options. Butchery Fresh is a Louisville, Kentucky based company that will ship fresh never frozen, high quality meat and other premium pantry goods straight to your door. Skip the meal planning altogether with Atlanta based PeachDish, a meal subscription service that sources ingredients from Southern farms and makers. Use the code EATYALL17 for $10 off of your first order.

7 Southern Supper Hacks Butchery Fresh - EatYall.com

>> Help us add some hacks to our list. Send us a message with your favorite supper quick fixes on our Facebook Page. We’d love to hear your ideas – and maybe include them in a future update to this story!

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