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Time to Consider Simmons Farm-Raised Catfish

Over the years, we have talked a lot about Simmons Catfish in Yazoo City, Mississippi. Simmons Catfish is the highest quality farm-raised catfish available and we want to introduce you to the people who ensure that quality every single day and tell you why Simmons Catfish is a favorite ingredient of chefs. 

Katy Simmons Prosser, Marketing and Brand Development Manager, Andy Prosser, Operations Manager, Dan Bradshaw, Farm Manager and Harry Simmons, Founder and President of Simmons Catfish.

Meet Katy Simmons Prosser, Marketing and Brand Development Manager, Andy Prosser, Operations Manager, Dan Bradshaw, Farm Manager and Harry Simmons, Founder and President of Simmons Catfish. 

This great team is committed to excellence and are hands-on with every aspect of the business. There is a reason that they’ve been a favorite source of clean protein for the last 38 years. Total quality control, from the pond to processing and delivery, means total quality assurance. Harry Simmons only puts his name on the best tasting catfish on the market.

Why is Simmons Catfish so good?

Catfish often raises the eyebrows of both consumers and chefs. Catfish will take on the flavors of its environment and the variety can swing like a pendulum. Wild-caught catfish living in muddy water will taste, well, a little muddy. Farm-raised catfish, on the other hand, can be monitored for flavor by assuring clean and balanced ponds, high-quality feed, and peak harvest age for a super flaky and slightly sweet fillet. Simmons Catfish knows exactly when the time is right for harvesting. A fish from each pond is taste tested 3 times for quality assurance before the processing begins.

The state-of-the-art processing plant is on-site, and receives a thorough cleaning every two hours. The plant workers are highly skilled in their craft and closely monitor each fish that enters the building. Within 30 minutes from the time live fish arrive at the plant, they’re processed and on their way! That unbelievable speed is another guarantee that you’re getting the freshest, best tasting catfish.

Simmons Farmed Catfish

EATYALL has brought chefs to Yazoo City, MS for Chef Camp and introduced Simmons Catfish to chefs through CONNECT farm-to-table dinners. The overwhelming consensus from these chefs is that Simmons Catfish is undeniably the best catfish on the planet. Restaurants across the south proudly serve it on their menus. It is adaptable to so many recipes, like this stunning Vietnamese catfish dish by Chef Susan Spicer from Bayona and Mondo in New Orleans, LA. Chef Spicer used the individually quick frozen fillet strips for this dish. 

Simmons Catfish are perfect for elevating plates

Delicious an flaky Simmons Catfish

Chef Scott Simpson of The Depot in Auburn, AL created this spin on Pad Thai with a pan-fried Simmons Catfish Delacata for our CONNECT dinner in Florence, AL at Odette restaurant. Delacata Style Catfish Fillets are deep-skinned and hand-trimmed for a perfect prime cut of fish. The thick flakes, firm texture and mild flavor work well with almost any cooking method.

The farming processes they have made me feel comfortable that I’m going to bring that [catfish] center of the plate in a new way. Especially for this community that loves it, but mainly only had it fried.” – Chef Scott Simpson

pan-fried Catfish

Simmons Catfish is healthy, delicious, and affordable and can be used to substitute any white, flaky, mild-tasting fish. If you need menu ideas, you can find tested and approved recipes on the Simmons website. Visit SimmonsCatfish.com for more information on their products and how to purchase!

Want the inside scoop on an EATYALL Chef Camp? Check out this video from our 2019 Chef Camp at Simmons Catfish in Yazoo City, MS.



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