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Meet Chef Dwayne Ingraham

Nov 16, 2021 |

I want y’all to meet our friend, Chef Dwayne Ingraham. About six years ago, we heard about this pastry chef out of Oxford, Miss. that was turning heads and wowing taste buds. Food & Wine had even noticed. So, we invited him to participate in our 2nd Annual Sweetest Chefs pastry chef showcase event. He won Best Overall by a landslide. 

Later that year, Chef Dwayne won Best Baker in America in Food Network’s first season of the popular show. And the hits just kept coming – the TV appearances and media mentions continue to this day. Chef Dwayne didn’t miss a Sweetest Chefs for the next four years. He’s appeared on two episodes of the EATYALL Podcast, and recently he taught his 4th EATYALL Cooking Class.

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The Power of Partnerships

Chef Dwayne embodies the power of partnership that is possible when chefs and producers connect. Chef Dwayne knows that he is no better than the ingredients he uses, and I can’t think of a single time when he hasn’t said “YES!” to an opportunity to advocate on behalf of exceptional farmers including those that produce dairy, peanuts and pecans or to encourage other chefs to do the same. 

Recently, Chef Dwayne joined the team at Odette in Florence, Alabama to begin the next chapter in his exceptional culinary career, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Odette’s Executive Chef Josh Quick has been a long-time supporter and advocate for farmers, too, hosting an EATYALL Connect Dinner at the restaurant and participating in numerous EATYALL Chef Camps.

How Are Your Chef Relationships?  

These partnerships are the result of something bigger than one-off chef education or a slice of a marketing budget to host a cooking class. These connections and opportunities are making a difference in the lives of farmers for generations to come. 

How would you rate the quality of your chef relationships?

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