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How EATYALL Created New Opportunities for California Beef

Mar 11, 2022 |

IMG_9242_Recently, EATYALL sent a care package with less utilized cuts of California Beef along with small gifts and beef preparation resources to 30 leading chefs in California on behalf of the California Beef Council. 

Each of the chefs who received a box already utilized beef on their menus, and the California Beef Council wanted to thank them for their support and introduce them to some new trending cuts for winter that might inspire new menu ideas. In California, the process of opening back up, managing within the new normal and enduring after nearly two years of extreme ups and downs has weighed heavily on these chefs. Still tied to their restaurants with little margin to get out and tour farms or network with colleagues, we really hoped these boxes would be an encouragement and inspiration to the chefs who received them. No strings attached. 

As part of the process of registering shipping addresses, we asked chefs how we could help them, especially in the realm of menu needs regarding beef. In particular, we asked “If you are interested in expanding the use of beef on your menu through new menu items or offerings, how can we help?” 

It’s a simple question, “How can we help?”

In this case, it led SIXTEEN of 30 chefs to answer with specific ways that the California Beef Council could support them in sourcing more beef for their restaurants including sourcing different cuts for new menu ideas or learning new ways to use a cut so they could expand its use on their menu. 

You can do the meat math on the economic impact on our farming community of asking a simple question -- and then following up with answers. 

What Was in the Box? 

A common question we receive is “how do we ship samples of _____?” Well, we just do it. Most categories can be shipped these days without a problem thanks to excellent shipping innovations over the past few years. From milk to meat to fresh produce and seafood, it can all be shipped! 

In the case of the California Beef Care Package, chefs received 2-3 cuts of meat per box sourced from a California Beef purveyor including coulotte steak, bistro steak and short rib. Cuts were chosen because they were trending value cuts for the winter months that present great profit opportunities for restaurants yet are cuts often overlooked by the foodservice sector. 

In addition to the meat, shipped on freezer packs overnight to the chefs, small gifts and a beef cuts chart were included in each chef box. 


In addition to the opportunity to help 16 chefs expand their use of beef with new menu items, the California Beef Council was able to invest in goodwill and new relationships with leading chefs across their state. Participating chefs cooked the beef and posted their creations on social media. New beef recipes appeared on a popular YouTube channel and in a celebrity chef’s e-newsletter. Chefs were put directly in contact with the California Beef Council, so they could participate in farm tours and receive additional resources for years to come. 

Maybe this concept is something you can recreate for your farm or organization? 

Step back and think about how you can repurpose your marketing efforts towards simple actions that produce exponential results. Look for opportunities to ask simple questions of the real humans who buy the majority of food. 

Need help identifying leading chefs, so you get the most from your chef outreach investment? EATYALL would love to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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