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How Does EATYALL Chef Camp Work?

Nov 16, 2021 |

At a recent EATYALL Chef Camp where Alabama Gulf Seafood was the theme, 90% of participating chefs – who had a combined buying power of over $6MIL – said they plan to expand their use of Alabama Gulf Seafood after attending this EATYALL Chef Camp. 

In Their Own Words

One of the chefs who attended this camp said —

“I got to see how seafood is processed. I’ve seen how meats are processed and stored at Buckhead Beef in Atlanta, and how produce is handled at farmer’s markets and how dry goods, etc. are processed and stored at Sysco and Merchants Food Service… None of those compared to Thursday mornings’ field trip to Bayou la Batre. I was in awe. Thank you for that!”

How does EATYALL Chef Camp work? 

Here’s an example from our recent camp hosted in partnership with Alabama Gulf Seafood and Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. We identified and invited chefs that would be a good fit for the camp theme. 

  1. We crafted an itinerary that included restaurant kitchen tours, eco-tours, food tastings and Alabama Gulf Seafood processing and harvest tours at shrimp, crab meat, oyster processing and oyster farm operations. 
  2. We arranged a venue in partnership with @visitalbeaches, setup for a crowd and loaded the kitchen with ingredients, so the chefs could work together to innovate new menu ideas and utilize the ingredients in new ways while getting immediate feedback from dinner guests. 
  3. We hosted a networking dinner where chefs and stakeholders in the local tourism and seafood industries could collaborate together. 
  4. We made sure plenty of coffee was flowing for two days straight! 

Making Magic Happen

It all sounds easy enough, yes? There’s truly nothing magical about the “how” of EATYALL Chef Camp.

The people who connect make the magic happen. The chefs who show up because they are incredibly committed to being the best and serving the best to their guests. The hard-working producers who inconvenience themselves open their doors with full transparency to allow chefs to look behind the curtain, to understand and to be inspired. The magic is when real humans, who fight to be the best everyday, get together and connect. 

I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to eat the food made by a chef who cared enough to show up at a chef camp and make magic.

Let’s Get Started

Want to improve your chef relationships? Need to expand your chef network? Want to host an EATYALL Chef Camp to make magic happen for your farmers and producers? We’re happy to help you make those things happen. Contact us to get started.

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