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Flavors Without Borders: How EATYALL United Texas And Mexico’s Chefs And Farmers At The Ingredient Showcase in Quintana Roo!

Mar 22, 2022 |

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The beautiful coastline that spans the beaches of southeast Texas and the resorts and restaurants in Mexico’s Quintana Roo connect them with more than a coastline: namely, they share top culinary talent and world-class ingredients! Recently, EATYALL held a private Ingredient Showcase for Chefs with host chef Xavier Perez Stone, chef John Phillips of 2F Akaushi Beef, and chef Dunia Borga of La Duni Restaurant and Bakery, hosted by Axiote restaurant in Quintana Roo. 

The event was made possible through a partnership with the Texas Pecan Board and the Texas Department of Agriculture in cooperation with the State of Quintana Roo led by the Office of the Governor along with their Tourism, Agriculture and Economic Development authorities. 

Together, the chefs created a menu featuring lobster, octopus, pineapple, and honey from Mexican producers, along with beef, cheese, pecans and more from Texas farmers - all served to top chefs from the Quintana Roo region along with producers and government officials from both nations. Read on for the flavorful results as part of EATYALL’s global chef outreach efforts!

TEXAS+QRShowcase Post_Chefs[From left: Chef John Philips, Chef Dunia Borga, EATYALL CEO & Founder Andy Chapman, and Host Chef Xavier Perez Stone]

The Great Tastes Of Texas And Mexico

Did you read the ingredients listed above and start dreaming of delicious possibilities? The Caribbean is renowned for its seafood, but Texas and Mexico grow plenty of tasty turf alongside the surf - for instance, nearly half of the world’s pecans come from the region. The skill and imagination of chefs Xavier, John, and Dunia produced a menu of drinks like pecan lattes, savory appetizers and entrees including lobster ceviche and prime rib, and desserts rife with pecans, honey and pineapple. But words alone can’t do the menu justice - these pictures are worth 1,000 happy taste buds:

TEXAS+QRShowcase Post_Cheese1TEXAS+QRShowcase Post_LobsterRoll

V.I.P. - Very Important Producers

Farmers and food producers are the lifeblood of any menu, and the ingredients assembled at the showcase dinner opened up collaborations between food professionals across two countries. The ingredients provided included: prime rib, pecans, cheddar cheese, and lime leaves from Texas; and spiny lobster, octopus, honey and honeycomb, and pineapple, locally grown in Quintana Roo. 

Here are the featured food producers for our Ingredient Showcase Dinner:


2F Akaushi Beef - Prime Rib
Sorrells Farms - Pecans
US Citrus - Lime Leaves
Veldhuizen Cheese - Cheddar

Quintana Roo:

Gaspar Damián Hoil Dominguez of SCPP José María Azcorra S.C. de R.L. - Lobster
Raúl Valerio Parra - Octopus
Francisco Javier Chabelas Hilton of Chan Kaan Naal - Honey
Jorge Jímenez Alvarado of Rancho JB Naturalmente - Honey
Luis Humberto Perea Pérez - Pineapple

In addition, gifts distributed to chefs and farmers included local items from the following Quintana Roo producers: 

Rufino Canul Catzin - Gourds
Pedro Pescador Novelo - Fruit Preserves
Arquímedes Hernández Villanueva - Dehydrated Fruit
Adrián Caballero - Black Corn
Rubén Lara - Coconut Oil
Jesús Manuel Aldrete Terrazas - Chicza Chewing Gum

P.S.: For chefs who want to connect to any of the food producers listed above, learn more here! 

TEXAS+QRShowcase Post_PineappleTEXAS+QRShowcase Post_Pecans

A Taste-Filled, Teachable Moment For Chefs   

From these top-quality ingredients, EATYALL and their featured chefs created a multi-course dining experience for local chefs to witness from start to finish. From seeing the raw ingredients prepped in the kitchen, to tasting the finished menu items themselves, visiting chefs could see the firsthand benefits of sustainable, accessible food products in each course. And while seeing the proof on the plate, chefs could connect with food producers and government officials, forming lasting trade relationships that will benefit all seats at the dinner table. 

TEXAS+QRShowcase Post_ChefsKitchen2TEXAS+QRShowcase Post_Guests

Thanks to EATYALL’s global outreach program, and strong relationships with chefs, farmers, and food producers, the Ingredient Showcase Dinner and other events bring the food industry closer together. Knowing the people and stories between the farm and the table always makes for a better meal - and for more features on the food professionals behind your favorite dishes, stick with EATYALL!



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