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[EATYALL PODCAST #62] EATYALL Encore: Kenny Mattingly From Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese in Austin, KY

Feb 11, 2022 |

Sometimes one experience defines your whole vision for the future. For Kenny Mattingly, a trip to Europe in 1990 told a tale of two farms: small, contented, family-owned operations with diverse, value-added products, and government owned, factory-like farms with a depleted, uninspired workforce. While Kenny’s goal was to operate like the former, he saw farm trends back in the U.S. resembling the latter. Since then, while other farms have been closed or sold, Mattingly Farms and Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese have achieved Kenny’s dream that began over thirty years ago.

Today’s episode, one of our most-listened and most-commented, takes you back to Austin, Kentucky, where Andy and Kenny Mattingly reminisce on the Mattingly family journey toward becoming a prosperous farm on the strength of value-added cheese products. Strap in for a Kentucky-borne success story – with a bit of cheesy dad humor thrown in! 

Gouda Times Farming Milk And Cheese

Have a Cow – Or A Hundred And Ten. Kenny Mattingly runs both Mattingly Farms and Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese on his Kentucky farm – a result of his experiences on the farms of 1990s Europe. Hear his story of partnering with his parents to build up their farm, from its herd of 110 cows to their varieties of cheese.

Blessing Through Adversity. Back in 2016, 90mph winds blew down Kenny’s wooden barn structure during milking time. But from the devastating setback came a new steel barn structure that houses two milking robots – and the new tech has paid off on the farm and in the marketplace. 

State Of The Udder Address. Kenny tells stories of how the cheese requests of chefs, from Louisville to Churchill Downs, has challenged his farm to produce different cheeses that please visitors and customers all over the world. And stick around for the lightning round Q + A – with a few well-aged farm jokes perfect for your family’s dinner table.

From humble days of making and selling gouda, Kenny’s farm now hosts AirBnB accommodations and produces 26 types of cheese – as many as there are letters of the alphabet! Strap in for today’s look at milk and cheese from A to Z, and stay with Eatyall for more conversations with top-notch farmers, chefs, and food producers. 

Today’s Guests 

Kenny Mattingly – https://kennyscheese.com/

The Owner of Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, Kenny Mattingly has worked on the family farm since arriving with his family in 1990. Today, Kenny oversees the creamery and cheese aging caves, increasing production thanks to an emphasis on cow health and nutrition, robotic milking machinery, and a family reputation that has reached the global food industry.

Connect With Our Guests

Kenny Mattingly

Kenny’s Cheese

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kennyscheese/


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Kennys-Farmhouse-Cheese-129706760381045/

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