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[EATYALL PODCAST #59] EATYALL Encore: Two Brooks Rice

Feb 11, 2022 |

There’s nothing like a good encore! Today we’re bringing back the hits – episodes 11 and 12, in particular – to take you back on a memorable trip to Two Brooks Rice Farm with three of EATYALL’s favorite chefs and farmer Mike Wagner. 

Sitting with Andy are chefs Milton Joachim of Charred Steak and Oyster Bar in Ocean Springs, MS, Ryan Cassell of Fenian’s Pub in Jackson, MS, and John Cartwright of Rivertown Coffee in Florence, AL. Each of them chat about their visits to EATYALL Chef Camp and Two Brooks Farm, while Andy’s time with Mike Wagner reveals rice growing methods that improve local ecology and farming practices. Tune in for two of our most popular episodes rolled into one – packed with farms, fixings, and flavor! 

Farming And Rice And Everything Nice

The Rice Growing Process. Hear Milton, Ryan, and John describe the rice processing steps they saw at Two Brooks, from the field to the combine to a rice color sorting machine that’s much cooler than the loose change sorter at Sharper Image. Best of all, the tech and technique are all driven by hands that care for the products that you eat.  

Home Grown Quality Assurance. Chef Ryan Cassell said that, as a chef, you’re always putting your heart and soul on the plate. Learn why it’s reassuring for him – and for you – that Two Brooks and other farms put that same effort into producing rice and other fresh, healthy ingredients.

Live Healthy. Eat Dirt. Mike Wagner tells a story about a French wine merchant who tasted his vineyard’s soil to help determine the quality of his grapes – and Mike does the same for his rice products. Why? Listen in for the answer and more about how nutrient-rich ingredients always make better foods.

Our guest chefs’ visit to Two Brooks Farm – all while braving muddy roads and thirsty mosquitoes to tell the tale during EATYALL Chef Camp – is a testament to Mike Wagner’s work to not just sustain, but build a healthy environment by growing food the right way. Settle in for this best-of episode – and enjoy more greatest hits in the coming weeks from your friends at EATYALL.

Today’s Guests 

Chef Milton Joachim – www.charredos.com

The Executive Chef at Charred: A Steak & Oyster Bar, Milton Joachim grew up cooking at his father’s seafood shop in New Orleans, before serving at some of the city’s premier restaurants. Relocating to Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and opening Charred in 2016, Milton infuses a southern, Creole flavor into the menu of Charred – voted Best Steakhouse at WLOX’s 2021 Gulf Coast Weekend online competition. 

Chef Ryan Cassell – www.fenianspub.com

Since 2015, Ryan Cassell has served as General Manager and Executive Chef of Fenian’s Pub in Jackson, Mississippi, where he revamped the menu to feature meals made with fresh local ingredients. An alum of the University of Southern Mississippi, Ryan has built relationships with neighboring food producers to provide local flavor to Irish favorites like shepherd’s pie or fish and chips.

Chef John Cartwright – www.rivertowncoffee.co

A native of Corinth, Mississippi, John Cartwright opened Rivertown Coffee in Florence, Alabama, in 2004 – and quickly realized the value of serving food along with coffee. Teaching himself how to cook on-the-fly with the help of a few family recipes, Ryan now spends much more time in the kitchen than at the espresso machine, as he and Rivertown have helped create a close-knit restaurant community in Florence.   

Farmer Mike Wagner – www.twobrooksfarm.com

Representing the 10th generation of his family’s farming legacy, Mike Wagner established Two Brooks Farm in Sumner, Mississippi, in 1992. While producing soy beans and rice on the farm, Mike developed health-conscious food products using eco-friendly farming management – processed, milled, and marketed with the help of his son and daughter.

Connect With Our Guests

Chef Milton Joachim

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chef_milton_joachim

Charred Steak & Oyster Bar

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/charredsteaksandoysters

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/CharredOS/

Chef Ryan Cassell

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/cassellryan

Fenian’s Pub

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/fenianspub

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/fenianspub

Chef John Cartwright

Rivertown Coffee Company, Inc.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/rivertowncoffee

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rivertowncoffee

Farmer Mike Wagner

Two Brooks Farm

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/twobrooksrice

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/twobrooksrice

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