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[EATYALL PODCAST #51] Modern Veal Farming Revealed with Chef Marcus Daniel

Oct 4, 2021 |

What really happens in modern veal farming? How does it work? What are the animals really like? In Episode 51 of the EATYALL Podcast, you’ll uncover the skinny on these well fed cows Andy & Marianna go behind the scenes on veal farms in Indiana with Chef Marcus Daniel, Executive Chef at Joseph Decuis in Roanoke, Indiana. 

We begin our tour understanding why food and nutrition is so critical to veal quality.  It’s a bit of a deep dive into animal nutrition starting with a tour led by Steve Anderson and his team at Strauss Feeds. 

There we learn all about what veal cows eat and how their feed mix is made, which is sure to impress you! You’ll hear how sustainable the industry really is, including using a byproduct from the dairy industry – protein rich cheese whey – to nourish the cows.

Throughout the rest of our tour day, Chef Marcus Daniel drives with us into the heart of Indiana to visit veal farms and see the veal cows up close. In the veal industry, a lot of innovation, research and thoughtfulness has gone into transforming animal welfare over the past two decades. Veal farming hardly resembles historic practices that originally came to the United States from Europe. Animal housing is considerate of the animals age and safety needs, cows’ innate herding habits and best practices for optimal animal health and happiness while they grow from just a few days old to upwards of 500 lbs at harvest weight. By visiting with the animals’ caretakers at veal farms that specialize in nurturing animals at various stages of their life, we unpack modern veal farming and learn firsthand the elements of veal farming that result in tasty, protein-packed veal on our plates. 

If you enjoyed this episode, please join us on Episode 52 as we enjoy a three course veal dinner and discuss more adventurous ways to cook veal with Chef Marcus Daniel at his restaurant, Joseph Decuis. 

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