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EATYALL Launches New Program that Provides Resources to Chefs and Sampling Opportunities for Farmers

Feb 1, 2021 |

EATYALL has launched a Chef Care Package Program that will reach hundreds of chefs during 2021.

EATYALL founders, Andy and Marianna Chapman plan to send hundreds of Chef Care Packages to hardworking chefs in 2021. 

The Chapmans have built relationships with chefs around the globe for over a decade, assisting them in their search for better ingredients and taking them for “boots-on-the-ground” immersive Chef Camps around the U.S. For the last 10 months they have brainstormed how best to help chefs who have struggled to conform to new restrictions, reduced staff and stringent health codes. 

Adding to the list of chef frustrations, opportunities for product sampling have dwindled during the pandemic. Trade shows and festivals have been a great resource for many years but most have been postponed with no reschedule date. EATYALL’s own popular Chef Camps have been paused for the safety and concern of the chefs and farmers, yet their focus remains on helping chefs thoughtfully source ingredients. The Chef Care Package Program continues this connection in a surprisingly analog method… snail mail.

“It’s really been neat to see the fusion of inspiration and encouragement, something every chef in America can use right now. I’ve gotten messages from each chef who got a package in this program and it was like it made their month to be remembered during this time,” said Andy Chapman, CEO of EATYALL.

EATYALL’s Chef Care Packages began rolling out last month with the first boxes filled with samples from the Georgia Pecan Growers Association. The attractive boxes were packed with pecans, handwritten cards and small gifts. They felt more like a curated gift than a sampling program. EATYALL is focused on creating an experience that not only provides product information but unites the recipients in a digital community where they can share photos or recipes using the ingredients they receive. 

“There’s no magic wand in marketing, but really great products and handwritten notes of encouragement have gotten a tremendous and inspiring response from chefs,” Chapman adds.

Care packages themes will vary each month highlighting different industry partners and farms. Encourage and equip chefs that fit your target market by joining the EATYALL Chef Care Package Program.

Want to get involved? Get started today by contacting us on this page >>>

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