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EATYALL Guides Chef Tours in Lower Alabama

Oct 27, 2021 |

On November 3-5, 2021, nearly 20 chefs will gather in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a two-day crash course in Alabama Gulf seafood, ecology and hospitality industry innovation. 

The chefs will come from six states to learn how their regional seafood is harvested and cared for from the moment it leaves the water until it is delivered to their restaurants including: 

EATYALL to host Chef Camp in Alabama
  • Sustainability in the Alabama seafood industry
  • How ingredient freshness and quality is affected by various methods and how Alabama seafood harvesters and processors cooperate to insure optimal quality and freshness to restaurant tables
  • Behind-the-scenes look at seafood processing and packing 
  • Ecology tours to understand the impact we can have on environmental health and seafood harvests
  • Behind-the-scenes tours to learn about innovative and environmentally friendly practices in the hospitality industry

Chefs will also have the opportunity to taste Alabama Gulf Seafood menu items at a number of prominent local restaurants and to cook Alabama Gulf Seafood and other local ingredients for a family-style dinner where discussion with local food producers and industry leaders will center around how chefs and food producers can work better together. 

EATYALL Chef Camp provides an interactive, hands-on opportunity for chefs to expand their understanding of food production, to gain access to new ingredients, to step away from their kitchen and create new menu ideas and to establish long-lasting partnerships with food producers.  

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