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[EATYALL podcast #63:] South of the Border: Talking Latin American Cuisine With Chef Dunia Borga in Mexico

Mar 16, 2022 |


When’s the last time you went outside of your comfort (food) zone and tried a new flavor? Meals made with care bring powerful memories not just for first-time tasters, but also for the chefs who prepare them. For chef Dunia Borga, her journey from home baker to chef of La Duni restaurant and bakery in Dallas, Texas, has been shaped by her family, along with the countries and U.S. states she has called home.

In today’s episode, Andy sits with Dunia in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, for a seaside chat about her childhood in Colombia amidst exotic fruits and her grandmother’s one-of-a-kind European recipes, and her unique path to becoming a chef via Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. Listen in for Dunia’s story of how her dishes are infused with the people, places, and passion within her.

Latin American Flavor, By Way Of Europe

A Taste Of Slovenia in Colombia. Hear Dunia recount her childhood in Colombia, spending time in the kitchen with her grandmother, who had grown up in Slovenia and was trained by a famous nun to make delicious, heavenly recipes from scratch. 

The Road More Traveled. From the fresh papaya in Colombia, to Los Angeles’ restaurants, to the highs and lows of living in Manhattan, to culinary school in Dallas, and touring pastry cafes in Europe, learn how each chapter of Dunia’s life enriched her recipes and shaped her mantra as a chef: “A little bit of me, for you.”

Savoring Food in Places New and Old. In her early days, Dunia didn’t fully appreciate the unique foods of Colombia until she had moved away. She now prefers to “eat her way through every city” she visits, in an effort to experience local flavors to the full - a lesson that’s worth the few extra pounds! 

As chef of one of Dallas’ best restaurants, Dunia has kept family and memories close as she puts a bit of herself in every recipe she makes. And even during other careers and studies, her grandma’s recipes and her husband’s encouragement led her back to cooking as her first love. Catch Andy and Dunia’s full conversation in today’s episode, and keep it at EATYALL to meet more fascinating figures of the food industry.

Today’s Guests 

Dunia Borga - www.laduni.com

As the Co-owner and Executive Pastry Chef of La Duni in Dallas, Texas, Dunia Borga’s family-inspired baking background, management experience, and culinary education at Dallas College El Centro has forged La Duni’s Latin American cuisine and pastries with a European flair. From Colombia to Dallas, Dunia’s award-winning pastries are made with as much love as her grandmother’s inimitable apple strudel. 

Connect With Our Guests

Dunia Borga

La Duni Latin American Restaurant and Bakery

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ladunilove



Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LaDuniLove



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