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Eat Y’all teams up with The Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce to help launch Genuine MS branding program

Aug 23, 2018 |

On July 11, 2018, Eat Y’all joined the Mississippi Department of Agriculture & Commerce at their reception in Jackson to kick-off Genuine MS, the state’s official branding program, a stamp of authenticity for Mississippi made, grown, raised and crafted products. Commissioner of Agriculture Andy Gipson has officially launched the program to promote Mississippi products around the world. Mississippi is the home of hundreds of locally owned farms and businesses that provide high quality products to the marketplace and add value to hometown economies. The Department of Agriculture and Commerce is proud to partner with these businesses to identify and promote Mississippi-made products.

The Genuine MS program creates valuable tools that are available to each member business. The smart looking official logo will signify to consumers that they are purchasing a Mississippi made product. Farms and businesses who join Genuine MS are allowed to use the logo in promoting their products. A listing on the program’s website will serve as a central location for consumers and purchasers to learn about each member and the tremendous variety of quality crafted, made, raised and grown products that are produced in the state. Genuine MS also provides support and education to members through Mississippi’s Department of Agriculture and Commerce. Members are charged a fee of $75 annually for access to these tools. The program also offers associate memberships to individuals and entities that support agriculture in Mississippi.

Photo Credit: @genuinemississippi

Four outstanding Mississippi farms and businesses served as the inaugural Genuine MS members, with each representing one of the four types of businesses: raised, grown, made and crafted. Businesses under the Raised category are farmers who sell products from ranching or aquaculture concerns. The Grown category is comprised of farmers who produce a wide range of products from produce to nuts and timber. Mississippi Crafted products are those made by artisans with a principal place of business within the state. Manufacturers and businesses that offer for sale any product manufactured 51% or more in Mississippi to support agriculture, will fall under the Made classification. The four inaugural businesses in these categories are Simmons Catfish Farm located in Yazoo City, Two Brooks Rice Farm in Sumner, Flathau’s Fine Foods in Petal, and Short Line Manufacturing in Shaw.

Simmons Catfish

A third-generation family farm, Simmons Catfish Farm in Yazoo City, Mississippi produces some of the finest catfish in the world. Raised, harvested and processed on the family farm, the company stands behind their product.

Two Brooks Farm

Located in Sumner, Mississippi, Two Brooks Farm is owned and operated by the Wagner Family. The farm produces several varieties of Mississippi grown rice including a basmati style rice and an antioxidant rich black rice.

Flathau’s Fine Foods

Flathau’s Fine Foods produces the highest quality specialty foods including their famous cheese straws and cookies. The entire line of products is made entirely in Mississippi.

Short Line Manufacturing

A farming implement producer, Short Line Manufacturing’s products are made in Mississippi and support the farming community. Operated by the Short family from their headquarters in Shaw, MS, in the heart of the Delta, the company offers quality, innovative farming equipment to the agricultural industry worldwide.

{Just the Beginning}

The Genuine MS branding program began its mission by assembling four initial members representing the best of what the state has to offer the world marketplace. The stories of these members have been documented by Eat Y’all thru our partnership with Matt Wyatt Media into a series of short films that appear on the Genuine MS website. These stories are typical of Mississippi farmers, crafters, makers and manufacturers: local families who put their hearts into the goods they take to the market. These are products we are proud to support, and we are proud to partner with Genuine MS in bringing these stories and products to the world.

If you would like to learn more about the program or become a member or supporting member of the Genuine MS program administered through the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, call 601-359-1159 or visit the website at GenuineMS.com.

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