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Chefs Hunt Native Pecan Truffles at Pecan Ridge Plantation in Georgia

Oct 10, 2018 |

Near the end of August, nearly a dozen chefs from across the South participated in Eat Y’all Chef Camp at Pecan Ridge Plantation in southwest Georgia, near Bainbridge, a rich agricultural region known for row crops, peanuts, sweet corn and vegetable farms as well as… you guessed it… pecans and of growing interest in the culinary community: native pecan truffles.

Pecan orchards dot the landscape in this region, and brothers Eric and Rob Cohen have made a name for themselves in the industry starting with less than 40 acres and building their operation into well over 1000 acres today. But what’s really grabbing the attention of chefs is the light, highly versatile pecan oil they press on their farm as well as the native pecan truffles their dog Tate hunts in the orchards during the humid late summer.

In this video, you’ll go behind the scenes at this edition of Eat Y’all Chef Camp where chefs toured pecan and produce farm operations and also participated in a native pecan truffle hunt.

Want to try Pecan Ridge Plantation pecan oil or pecan truffle oil for yourself?

Learn more about Pecan Ridge Plantation products in our Eat Y’all Product Directory. We also highly recommend our Basic Pecan Oil Dressing recipe.

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