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[EATYALL Podcast #31] Chef Kisha Moore on Team Building in the Kitchen & Her Dairy Farm Tour

Jan 19, 2021 |

Chef Kisha Moore

Welcome back to the EATYALL Podcast! This week, Andy sits down with Pastry Chef Kisha Moore from Hummingbird Macarons in Norfolk, Virginia. Chef Kisha is a solopreneur, head chef and team builder extraordinaire. We’ll gain culinary insight as she talks with Andy about honey, toasted almonds, walnuts, pecans and elderflower mousseline!

During the conversation, this powerhouse of a woman serves up delicate and oh-so-delicious French macarons! She uses her amazing skills to harmonize flavors like Rosewater, Black Pepper Raspberry and Peanut Butter Maple Bacon. She’s been nationally recognized as a “Top Female Leader Making Moves in the Southeast” by Ladders!

We also gain insight to her business practices, including her annual budget for ingredients, devastating losses in business and explains how to navigate business ups and downs, and we’ll also hear what she thought of her tour of Richland’s Dairy Farm when she closed down her shop for an entire day to bring her entire team out to the farm.


Kisha also shares personal insights to her business life, including:

  1. Dealing with unexpected ingredient price hikes
  2. Running a business amid COVID-19
  3. Building a strong bond with her team.

Want More Inspiration? 

Looking for more bakery inspiration? Want to be a bakery owner like Chef Kisha? Watch the EATYALL + Jubilations Cheesecake collaboration video and learn the secret to their top shelf cheesecake. 

The EATYALL Podcast is hosted by Andy Chapman, Chief Relationship Officer and founder of EATYALL. EATYALL helps food farmers and artisan food makers connect to chefs and consumers who are looking for better ingredients. Join EATYALL as we show some love to hundreds of hardworking chefs this year by giving them the gratitude they deserve and the resources they need to stay inspired. Learn more about how our Care Package Program can work for you and get started today. 

This podcast episode was made possible by our partnership with The Dairy Alliance.

Learn more about Richlands Dairy Farm at their website and shop for farm fresh foods shipped direct from the farm at our sister site, Find Family Farms.

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