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Calling All Chefs: Connect With The Farmers, Food Producers, and Recipes From EATYALL’s Quintana Roo Ingredient Showcase Dinner

Mar 22, 2022 |

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From the U.S. state of Texas to the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, the Ingredient Showcase Dinner hosted at chef Xavier Perez Stone’s Axiote restaurant introduced chefs, farmers, food producers, and government officials to each other, for the purpose of creating trade relationships that provided fresh, sustainable ingredients across the United States and Mexico.

As constructive (and delicious) as the dinner was, why stop there? This post is a reference for chefs that includes the names, companies, and contact information of every food producer from the Ingredient Showcase in Quintana Roo, as well as the exclusive menu served that day from our featured chefs. Read on for information, ingredients, and inspiration!

Food Producers From Texas:

2F Akaushi Beef
Ingredient: Prime Rib | Phone: +1 (956) 481-3363
| Website  | Instagram | Facebook

Sorrells Farms 
Ingredient: Pecans | Phone: +1 (325) 356-3616
| Website | Instagram | Facebook

US Citrus
Ingredient: Kaffir Lime Leaves| Email | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Veldhuizen Cheese
Ingredient: Cheddar | Phone: +1 (254) 968-3098
| Website | Instagram | Facebook

Food Producers From Quintana Roo, Mexico:

SCPP José María Azcorra S.C. de R.L. - Rep. Gaspar Damián Hoil Dominguez
Ingredient: Lobster | Phone: +52 (983) 833 4483, (983) 833-5823
| Email

Raúl Valerio Parra
Ingredient: Octopus | Phone: +52 (984) 807-8478

Chan Kaan Naal - Rep. Francisco Javier Chabelas Hilton
Ingredient: Honey | Phone: +52 (983) 102-0991 | Email

Rancho JB Naturalmente - Rep. Jorge Jímenez Alvarado
Ingredient: Honey | Phone: +52 (983) 105-4046 | Email | Instagram

Luis Humberto Perea Pérez
Ingredient: Pineapple | Phone: +52 (983) 164-5667 

Food Producers from Quintana Roo featured in chef & VIP gifts: 

Rufino Canul Catzin
Ingredient: Artisan Gourds | Phone: +52 (983) 139-8280

Pedro Pescador Novelo
Ingredient: Fruit Preserves | Phone: +52 (983) 839-1372

Arquímedes Hernández Villanueva
Ingredient: Dehydrated Fruit | Phone: +52 (983) 139-3101

Adrián Caballero
Ingredient: Chocolate | Phone: +52 (983) 180-4436 | Email | Website | Instagram

Rubén Lara
Ingredient: Coconut Oil | Phone: +52 (983) 117-4735

Jesús Manuel Aldrete Terrazas
Provided: Chicza Gum | Phone: +52 (983) 832-8870, +52 (983) 107-9290| Email | Website

Featured Chefs And Event Menu:

Host Chef Xavier Perez Stone, Axiote
Restaurant Phone: +52 (984) 803-1727
| Website | Instagram | Facebook

Guest Chef Dunia Borga, La Duni
Restaurant Phone: +1 (214) 520-7300
| Email | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Guest Chef John Phillips, 2F Akaushi Beef
Office Phone: +1 (956) 481-3363
| Email | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Ingredient Showcase Dinner Menu

PDF Menu

With all the resources listed above, the benefits of the Ingredient Showcase Dinner can reach a greater number of chefs for many meals to come. Reach out, establish new ingredient sources, try new recipes, and keep in touch with EATYALL as we help the food industry make better food together.



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