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Buying Power You Can’t Afford to Ignore

If you’re like me, sometimes you overcomplicate things. Usually, however, the fastest path to success is the simplest one. Unfortunately, too often our knowledge and experiences get in the way of our own success.

If you’re wondering how to increase sales for your product category, to improve perceptions for your industry and to establish a sustainable marketing investment, I highly recommend you do a simple and seemingly old-school thing: double down on building relationships with leading chefs.

Foodservice buys the most food statistically. 

The majority of food sold in the U.S. is sold via foodservice channels. Period.

It’s not even that close anymore, and the data is all there to prove it. After the pandemic, it seems the demand for restaurant food has only come back stronger than ever before based on anecdotal conversations with restaurant owners and chefs. We expect the data will tell that same story very soon as it catches up.

If the majority of your marketing efforts are focused on grocery and retail channels, you’re short changing yourself right out of the gate by focusing on shrinking market share. 

Leading chefs influence ALL food buying decisions. 

However, when you educate and influence leading chefs, you influence the top of the food chain. These chefs set the trends of today and influence the tastemakers of tomorrow. They mentor a dozens of other chefs who work in their kitchens and follow them on social media. Their menus inspire the menus at chain restaurants, fast casual and fast food outlets. The media follow their every move reporting and awarding news of their new restaurant concepts, menus and events. Their dishes spark recipe writers, bloggers and grocery store sales. 

Chefs are an authentic partner for farmers. 

Chefs have a reputation to uphold, not a follower count to grow. They are only as good as the ingredients they start with, so there is a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship to be had between farmer and chef that adds value for both and that consumers and other chefs can trust. Chefs and farmers can truly grow better together and create a healthy, sustainable future for all. 

Connecting with leading chefs is a simple answer that you can’t afford to ignore. 

Maybe you’ve been making these sorts of decisions for a while, and working with chefs was, in the past, complicated for whatever reason. Maybe working with chefs requires a change, and let’s admit it, change is uneasy and risky. The truth is, even the poor results of other marketing methods are at least a known factor. Maybe you don’t know how to get started. Maybe working with chefs feels like traveling to another planet. Or feels like too high of a mountain to climb.  

Maybe it feels like building relationships with chefs isn’t splashy enough. Maybe your ad agency can’t figure out how to bill you for it. Or maybe you aren’t sure how to report to your board about it. 

Or maybe you just don’t know that many chefs?

At EATYALL, we believe that leveraging the buying power and authentic influence of leading chefs secures generational sustainability for America’s farm families. We see it happen everyday, and we want to help it happen for you, too. Over the past decade, EATYALL has established a chef network with over $1BILLION in buying power and a system and reputation that allows us to efficiently expand our chef network on behalf of our partners. Our programs educate and activate chefs to unleash increased sales and improved perceptions on your behalf. (And we know how to measure and report results from chef outreach programs back to your board.)

Let us take the guesswork out of chef outreach, save you time, and help you build lasting connections with leading chefs. 

EATYALL is booking programs for 2022 now including EATYALL Chef Camps (live and virtual), EATYALL Podcast programming, Global Chef Outreach, Virtual Cooking Classes and more. Contact us today to explore what programs are the best fit for your operation.  


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