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The Best Ways to Find Local Honey

Apr 24, 2017 |

HL Franklin Healthy Honey FB

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to start tilling your old garden spot and getting ready for summer’s bounty, all the fresh, local produce that our warm Southern weather brings us. Soon, local farmers’ markets will be overflowing all over region.

It’s still early in the season, so there aren’t too many yummy yields just yet, which might make it easy to get the seasonal blues as we count down the days to our favorite local delicacies. We understand, but hold your puddin’ because there’s one local super food that’s in season all year long— local honey!

Here are a few of our favorite spots to get outstanding Southern honey wherever you are:

1. Check your local farmer’s market for the freshest, most local honey selections. If that isn’t an option for you, we’ve got you covered, y’all! Keep reading

2. Find a local beekeeper near you – and buy direct. Most state departments of agriculture keep a registry list of certified beekeepers. Here are those sources for Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Plus, if you’re interested in learning more about honey, bee protection, and the trek bees take to bring you this super food you can join your local bee keepers association for as little as $5 per year in many locations.

Photo courtesy of Georgia Beekeepers Association

3. Buy local – online. No doubt, we’ve all gotten spoiled by the convenience of online shopping that appears at our door. And lucky for you, honey can get to you that way, too. Here are some of our top picks from around the South, each available directly from the source from the convenience of your favorite gadget.

  • H.L. Franklin’s Healthy Honey. Based in Statesboro, Georgia, this 5th generation beekeeping family is dedicated to providing the highest quality, all-natural, raw honey available. Their online offerings include customized gift messaging and gift package options alongside a variety of plant specific honeys like tupelo, cotton blossom, orange blossom and palmetto.
  • TruBee Honey. Located outside of Arrington, Tennessee, we love the spirit of this honey. With current “vintages” listed on their web site, TruBee honeys capture the essence of a particular region and season. They call their bees “free range” and they leave the honey raw, unpasteurized, in short “just like the bees made it.” Plus, they offer barrel-aged honey, and who can resist that?
Tennessee Local Honey

Photo courtesy of Franklin, TN Farmer’s Market

Did we mention honey is one of the main ingredients of the addictive Sugar Taylor Sauce?

On average, bees must hit around two million flowers and fly over 55,000 miles to produce just ONE pound of honey. Show them some appreciation, y’all, and eat up on local honey. After all, it’s always in season – and it’ll keep you feeling sweet in the coming weeks, as other crops begin to bloom.

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